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The bomb.
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Meet Max

$2390 + GST per space

Max is a full-service interior design service. The team at Studio J will provide you with the complete design solution + full documentation so you don’t have to worry about a thing. From design concept to construction drawings + associated documentation, your space will be built as conceptualised. 


Who is the Max Design for?


Those who don’t have time to research + find the right solution.

Those who love beautiful interiors but don’t know how to create them.

Those who don’t want to worry about all the details.

Those who want a complete package they can hand to their builder +/or trades + feel confident that the outcome will be just as imagined.

Those who are looking for clever solutions for their interior space.

Those who want to make the best use of their space.

Those looking for an architectural finish to their interior.

Someone who want to streamline the design + build process.

Those who want to save time + money.

Those who don’t want to get to the end of the project + ‘wish’ they had done something differently. 

Layout Planning
Design Concept 
Complete Construction Drawings
Decorative Electrical Plan
Finishes Schedule
Materials Box

All deliverables beautifully presented in a Studio J A3 folder + finishes in a Studio J presentation box

Layout Planning

  • Site measure by Studio J in person [or remote projects to be guided by Studio J]
  • Review of layout generally
  • A3 Floor plan to scale [2D]

Design Concept 

  • A3 visual moodboard 
  • A3 inspiration board
  • A3 3D representation of space

Complete Construction Drawings

  • A3 detailed floor plan to scale [2D]
  • A3 detailed elevations; including but not limited to dimensions, finish codes + notes as required
  • A3 detailed sections; including but not limited to dimensions, finishes codes + notes as required 
  • Section details as required

Decorative Electrical Plan

  • A3 floor plan to scale [2D] notating decorative electrical locations; including but not limited to wall lights, pendant lights, surface mounted lights + GPO locations 

Finishes Schedule

  • A4 finishes selections coded + listed in a schedule 

Product Schedule 

  • A4 product selections listed in a schedule, such as but not limited to; joinery hardware, sanitaryware, tapware, feature lighting, appliances etc.

Materials Box

  • Set of finishes + materials beautifully presented in a Studio J presentation box


  • 1 x meeting to present layout planning + design concept 
  • 1 x meeting to present documentation, finishes schedule + product schedule [working drawings phase]
  • 1 x meeting to present final stage documentation, finishes schedule + product schedule [tender issue phase]


  • 1 x revision of layout planning + design concept
  • 1 x revision of complete construction drawings, finishes schedule + product schedule [working drawings phase]
  • 1 x revision of tender issue drawings [if required] on receipt of pricing [limited to small changes only. Extensive changes to be discussed with Studio J + approval in advance]
  • 1 x review of shop drawings prior to construction 


  • Photorealistic 3D render 
  • Specific furniture selections 
  • Site visits during the build process
  • Contract admin
  • Specific soft furnishing selections 
  1. Answer questionnaire.

  2. Book free 15-minute call.

  3. Sign contract.

  4. Pay invoice.

  5. Hello! We are excited to be teaming up + working with you!

  6. Studio J to measure space or if it’s a remote project to guide client.

  7. Studio J to work their magic.

  8. Studio J to meet with client; presenting the design concept + floor plan.

  9. Post meeting Studio J to revise design concept + floor plan as required.

  10. Studio J to update the design concept into documentation drawings.

  11. Studio J to meet with client; presenting the documentation drawings + finishes + product schedules.

  12. Post meeting Studio J to revise documentation drawings + finishes + product schedules, as required.

  13. Studio J to develop drawings further adding all required details + sections for tender. Enabling the client to have the project securely priced by the builder +/or trades without question.

  14. Studio J to issue tender drawing package to client.

  15. Client to send project out for tender.

  16. Studio J to revise tender drawings [if required, see revisions].

  17. Studio J to review shop drawings.

  18. Studio J to issue construction drawings, materials box + all relevant + updated  documents to client.

  19. Project complete. We will miss you!

4-6 weeks from payment of invoice to tender document phase.
Construction issue dependant on tender process.

Limited to a total of 16 weeks.

Additional fee applicable for any project that exceeds 16 weeks to complete. 

Purchase 4 spaces for a complete house package*

*limited to 1 x kitchen, 1 x ensuite, 1 x bathroom, 3 x bedrooms, 1 x laundry

**smaller spaces to be discussed on a case by case basis

Download a PDF of our services with examples here

Services - Max (Logo 3)

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