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Meet Mid

$1590 + GST per space

Mid provides the overall design concept for your space with added documentation, taking some of the guesswork out of making the concept a reality. The team at Studio J will provide you with design direction, lite documentation drawings + finishes schedule. Products required for the space to be sourced independently. 


Who is the Mid Design for?


Those who are feeling overwhelmed + don’t know where to start.

Those who want to love the space they are in but don’t know how to achieve it.

Those who are time poor + want someone to help turn their desires + vision into a reality. 

Those who have a good relationship with their builder +/or trades to successfully interpret the lite documentation drawings. 

Those who want a designer to work with + support them in making the tough decisions  to achieve their most desired outcome.

Those who want to make the best use of their space.

Save money + time with thoughtful planning + avoiding the feeling that you ‘wished’ you had done something differently at the end of the build. 

Layout Planning
Design Concept 
Lite Documentation Drawings 
Finishes Schedule 
Finishes Samples 

All deliverables beautifully presented in a Studio J A3 folder

Layout Planning

  • Site measure by Studio J in person [or remote projects to be guided by Studio J]
  • Review of layout generally
  • A3 Floor plan to scale [2D]

Design Concept 

  • A3 visual moodboard 
  • A3 inspiration board
  • A3 3D representation of space 

Lite Documentation Drawings

  • A3 floor plan to scale
  • A3 elevations; including but not limited to dimensions, finish codes + notes as required 

Finishes Schedule

  • A4 finishes selections coded + listed in a schedule 

Finishes Samples

  • Set of loose material samples that feature in your space to keep for future reference 


  • 1 x meeting to present layout planning + design concept 
  • 1 x meeting to present lite documentation + finishes schedule 


  • 1 x revision of layout planning + design concept
  • 1 x revision of lite documentation drawings
  • 1 x revision of finishes schedule 


  • Drawing details
  • Drawing sections 
  • Materials board
  • Product schedule
  • Photorealistic 3D render 
  • Specific furniture selections 
  • Site visits during the build process
  • Contract admin
  • Review of shop drawings
  • Specific soft furnishing selections 
  1. Answer questionnaire.

  2. Book free 15-minute call.

  3. Sign contract.

  4. Pay invoice.

  5. Hello! We are excited to be teaming up + working with you!

  6. Studio J to measure space or if it’s a remote project to guide client.

  7. Studio J to work their magic.

  8. Studio J to meet with client; presenting the design concept + floor plan.

  9. Post meeting Studio J to revise design concept + floor plan as required.

  10. Studio J to update the design concept into lite documentation drawings.

  11. Studio J to meet with client; presenting the lite documentation drawings + finishes schedule.

  12. Post meeting Studio J to revise the lite documentation drawings + finishes schedule as required.

  13. Studio J to issue lite documentation drawings, finishes schedule + loose samples to client.

  14. Project complete. We will miss you!

4-6 weeks from payment of invoice. 

Purchase 4 spaces for a complete house package*

*limited to 1 x kitchen, 1 x ensuite, 1 x bathroom, 3 x bedrooms, 1 x laundry

**smaller spaces to be discussed on a case by case basis

Download a PDF of our services with examples here

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