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Meet Min

$2179 + GST for one space 

$1199 + GST for each additional space 
[when purchased as a package] 


Min provides the overall design concept for your space. The style, the design, the layout, the conceptual finishes + products. The team at Studio J will give you the design direction so you can source the finishes + products independently. 


Who is the Min Design for?


Those seeking clarity on their space, direction + support.

Those with an independent streak who need guidance + planning to help them proceed independently. 

Those who want to make sure they have a floor plan that works, setting good foundations to finalise on their own. 

Those who have a creative eye but just need a push in the right direction. 

Those who are confident that their builder +/or trades are able to interpret + turn their min design concept into reality without a full documentation package. 

Those who want to save time + money.

Those who don’t want to get to the end of the project + ‘wish’ they had done something differently. 

Layout Planning


Design Concept 

All deliverables beautifully presented in a Studio J A3 folder

Layout Planning

  • Site measure by Studio J in person [or remote projects to be guided by Studio J]
  • Review of layout generally
  • A3 Floor plan to scale [2D]

Design Concept 

  • A3 visual moodboard 
  • A3 inspiration board
  • A3 3D representation of space [not photo realistic]


  • 1 x Meeting to present Layout Planning + Design Concept 


  • 1 x Revision to Layout Planning + Design Concept


  • Documentation drawings
  • Joinery details
  • Joinery sections 
  • Materials box
  • Finishes Schedule
  • Product Schedule
  • Review of joinery shop drawings 
  • Photorealistic 3D render 
  • Specific furniture selections 
  • Specific soft furnishing selections
  • Quotes for furniture + soft furnishings 
  • Site visits during the build process
  • Contract admin
  1. Book your free 15-minute discovery call with Studio J [through our online scheduler]

  2. Answer introductory questionnaire [so we can learn more about you + your project].

  3. Let’s chat!
    [We use the questionnaire + the discovery call to learn more about you. If it’s a good match its      time for a site visit!].

  4. Site visit time!
    [In person or virtually. During this time, we like to measure the space or if it’s a remote project guide the client. If it’s a new build we will ask the client to source the CAD files.]

  5. Studio J to send fee proposal
    [Now we know everything we need to about your project, we can send through your official fee proposal].

  6. Client to accept fee proposal, sign contract + Pay 50% deposit to secure your spot!

  7. We are excited to be teaming up + working with you!

  8. Studio J to work their magic!


  9. Studio J to meet with client; presenting the Layout Planning [floor plan] + Design Concept.

  10. Post meeting Studio J to revise Layout Planning + Design Concept as required.

  11. Studio J to issue all relevant + updated documents to client.


  12. Project Complete, we will miss you!

2-4 weeks from payment of invoice.

Purchase 4 spaces for a complete house package*

*limited to 1 x kitchen, 1 x ensuite, 1 x bathroom, 3 x bedrooms, 1 x laundry

**smaller spaces to be discussed on a case by case basis.

Download a PDF of our services with examples here


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